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NTD Trading is standing tall since its establishment in 1998 initially with the lone purpose of trading in equity markets. But with the vision to excel and mission to innovate, it has over a period of time nurtured its thoughts with the appropriate knowledge and broad range of trading skills not just in its comfort zone of equities but also commodities and currency with the scientific approach and exemplifying success ratio. NTD Trading brings along proficiency of 25 years of experience.

What it takes to make right investment decision is a combination of identifying investments, having the resources to invest in them at the right time and to know how to manage them as to exploit their profit potential. NTD Trading believes in skilled investments and trading, being able to identify profitable opportunities where they might seem unlikely. For such, it has dedicated huge amount of time in research and development in developing its own scientific theories for finance and economics for over 25 years between solid background of promoter and challenging market experience. Its biggest strength banks on innovative and imaginative ideas and acute analytical capabilities, which enables it to analyze problems and contexts from different and original perspectives.

It is intensive, dynamic and progressive entity providing expert scientific based approaches towards currency, equities and commodities. The newest feather in the cap for NTD’s innovation is expertise in customized Investment and Trading services for all the currency and hedging related concerns of the organizations....
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