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Market Update

RBI Governor Dr.R. Rajan has hinted a possible world market crash...but this would be only possible if Dow breaks 16200, S&P500 1850 and Nasdaq 3650...coming to east china has just broken out from a trading band on upside and Nikkie needs to break 13000 and Hang Seng 21500 for a crash...and so comes to India @ 6700...macros are turning better after soft crude oil prices, which we at NTD team expect it to crash to 95 first and then 78, monsoon has been trying to meet asking rates, and pm visit to several countries and his positive vibes will give lot of attraction to invest in India for long term, direct investment and indirect too...short term concerns do remain for next 2 months odd but we will see negatives stabilizing by Diwali...meanwhile if some stocks hit 200 SDMA it would be a great value pick for long term portfolio.

Today we will see a hangover of cognizant coming to Indian technology listed stocks, but always we see a shift in sector rotation...Banks need to be watched very closely before the SBI numbers and just an update last time when we declared SBI numbers...which were pathetic...just after 4 days PSUBanks bottomed out and rallied 100 percent...


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