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Brent Oil - Crash ?? - We are expecting sharp downfall in Brent Oil... Analysis are follow

We alert that we expect Brent prices to fall very sharply, as we have see the greed factor in Brent close to 115-116 levels.

We see supply and demand getting narrowed going ahead, and we have plotted a chart, where the upper band is the greed factor and lower band is the fear factor, This is on monthly chart and is very widely known as Bollinger bands, we see lower tops on greed on the upper end, and higher lows on the lower band which is fear. Now going forward, being a commodity we will see a breakout on this range either on the upper side, or on the down side.

Why we see on the downside u will ask me this question, Very simple logics sir,

  • Here is the statistics
December 2009 closed at 77.93
December 2010   closed at 94.75
December 2011 closed at 107.38
December 2012 closed at 111.11
December 2013 closed at 109.69

Given all this facts (source: ) whenever we see prices moving downwards from December closing we see a sharp swing, At the current juncture we are trading at 105 , which is below last 3 years December closings. Next support is at 94.75 which is close of 2010. On the given chart we see a triangle presently and the band of this triangle is (129 and 88 prices of 2012). We see a 39 dollars fall from the current levels, and the breakdown has already happened, which gives a target of 65 on Brent going ahead in future. This can be a surprise to you as well as the whole world but the fact is also that Brent was also quoted at 40 dollars post Lehman Brothers crisis in 2008.

Hopefully we see this happening soon as we are just on the second month of the breakdown of the range, helping India, and its currency to make a strong economy going forward.


Brent Oil (Monthly Chart)

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