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There is no gain without pain and the gains for long term are super phenomenal, wish u all a great start on equities (Nov 11,2015)

What's the difference between 1990 bull market in equity and current markets, there were any mutual funds as such, only insurance companies, but we had a big brand ambassador for the equity , called the HM or HARSHAD MEHTA, whatever story he planned was a great success ,   whether the story was right or wrong does not matter, but he had a great marketing edge, Despite broadly mutual funds giving consistently good returns, a good marketing strategy is still missing the equity as an asset class and people get worried of so many events, which have also occurred past 25 years, we are at the best pitch to bat as far as govt is concerned , macro is concerned , fundamentals are concerned and a huge pile of sips awaiting at every fall , phir bhi darr hai...plan it properly , we want to look 25 years from year now, whatsoever govt has been on the centre equities have performed perhaps you are on the right boat and tide and fund and fund managers , A sincere request to all investing community... There is no gain without pain and the gains for long term are super phenomenal, go long make strategy's and try to beat your achievements, you should compete yourself and non others and we at Team NTD are very sure that you all can do it, we are all born as human, we all can do it...wish u all a great start on equities

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