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Hi, when I lost my father in law and one of my well wishers mother@ 76, I did introspected myself, how many years I am going to live from now( 47) till 76 , just 29, immense responsibilities, govt will not help my knowledge, my good intentions to up bring anyone will not help him, ( except motivate) fights will not help anyone, SEBI, tax authorities and local hurdles will always, keep u terrorized, TV channels will not help, any good analysis will not solve a major problem, my balance sheet will not help, any Assets will not help ,my foreign trips will not help, So what will help , Well humanity will always help, feed a poor , help a person in need and forget any favours , what will help is your good deeds which will be carried forward to the next world, Shri.  Mahavir , Shri. Ram , Shri. Gautam Buddha,  Shri. Mohd Paigambar and Lord Jesus all went through a rough patch till they became known in the history , People  in this world rather have become jealous and very Selfish , rather helping each other, Friends we all are human , all will go up, but go up with a style of Assets, Go up with all good deeds , Be a Charlie Chaplin, Be a Mother Teresa, Forgive and forget all evils , accept and love only what is good as human , Don't be competitive to beat the Naves, Be collective to Beat all the evils, Wish u all a great Day, Best Regards. Nilesh Dedhia.

{01 JUNE,2016}

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