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Equity Markets, Business, Politicians , HNIs, Fund Managers, Media, Advisory Firms and their colleagues in the system who all are involved in the Insider Trading scandal and apply the route of money laundering , Beware that the law of nature which the Shahenshah of Universe Never leaves the Evil Round and eventually cleans the system, Some universal facts , many of such business houses does not exist, many of such HNI and Fund Managers must be going through a lot of pains , some may be from family  and some can be health related , Each and every Data is leaked and with such Data you reach at a position of power and Do compound, But in fact you are not compounding wealth, you all are compounding all the evils, The settings what are made are hidden but the law of nature has its CCTV on it.

 Sudhar Jao , Sambhal  Jao, when u go for a meditation you get a remembrances of what all we must have done wrong, it can include me too, as all we are human beings, we may commit such mistakes, but the walk on the talk just not last much , Sumati Jamna, Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh,  Manu Manek and even current prevailing one, someone in Dubai or someone in Singapore , some on the Hong Kong desk or some from the London Desk , some business houses from Mauritius route and politicians too etc ( barring a few who are honest by heart) and don't get indulge into such activities, Eventually it harms your life , generation and families, The Evils created by Mughals all are destroyed, The Evils created by Europe all are in Debt, The loot created by the Oil producers , metal producers are searching for Demands, Oh then we call of Recession and say yaar Dhandha Nahin chal Raha , even after paying taxes, there is a Bindass loot of taxation by the non tax payers, Nature always balances the act of inequalities.

Please go through any religion you follow, Ram went through an exile , Mohd paigambar went through a tough phase , so Did Jesus Christ , Mahavir and Gautam Buddha, If these who are known Are God , who are we all , why do we do this at first place, Just to show off , our status, statue or Fb and Instagram pictures ,Chori ka Paisa tikta Nahin doston, and those who save it through some evil route their  second Generation and generations after that suffer, Does anyone Remembers So many Blue chips went bankrupt, So many political leaders families are unfamiliar. Those who exist they still have time , If Valmiki can become a Saint, We all are the Same Human beings, Sachchai ke Path kathin jaroor hai par kamzor Nahin, The roads of Honesty are difficult to travel , but it has firm foundation, This is what is taught by some of our the so called mentors and Gurus, knowingly and unknowingly if this has hurt anyone I do ask a forgiveness, but again Say improve , who am I , even I need to improve too...Dil ke Kalam Se Zuban parr.......From Nilesh Talak Dedhia  (Sept 05,2016)

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