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Indian Equities and economy after going through a Financial Earthquake, is now getting all the aftershocks after this earthquake, But to all our friends and well-wishers, every events get settled and after every dark there is a sun, yes the cricket pitch is bad, but we have to defend and stand patiently till we get a good atmosphere to play, good conditions to hit, wait for right opportunity, till that time face the every ball like a veteran Rahul Dravid rather than Virendra Sehwag. When Bombay Stock Exchange closed the trading floor in 1995 for approximately 12/18 months, people were worried how the stock markets will move and how one will do business after BSE Bolt. Those who fought are still there , our sincere request to all , this is also the same, Yes the economy will be hurt, for next few months , there is scary situation everyday by some or other announcement, there is liquidity crunch, everyone is worried in India, But our sense is when everyone is worried, that's the base case of fear , we may bottom out on Indian economy or no we don't know, but certainly we will bottom out soon on Indian Equities, that's a perfect yes, How , when , why no one knows.
Two examples, Japan became A super economy after world war and still fighting after such Earthquake, Kutch from Gujarat had a massive Earthquake in 2001 and have risen in terms of development by 2016 with this strong belief in nature , we have to nurture our self from such phases.


{02 DEC,2016}

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