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Gm friends, We again did a ground reality last evening, the feedback what we are getting is after Demonetisation , the things are yet hard, but people will get normalize with this new procedures, slowly, specifically the rural areas, Also there has been a lot of conversion of new notes through the non legitimate routes, that's what reported in media. So don't be surprised after December if these new 2000 Rupees notes can also be phased out till March. Obviously there is a cost of printing etc, but GOVT wants all money in bank. And there could be an implementation of BTT and phasing out of income tax in next 3 years till 2019.Special focus would be given on training rural areas. Nobody used mobiles there in 2000 and at least a small to medium person is carrying some or other smart phone and has whats app. Things are not easy and likewise if we are optimistic they are not difficult too. We have to adjust with the changing climate and if we have chilled winter in Mumbai or elsewhere in India we have to wear a sweater and innerwear. So by no choice things will change slowly, businesses will move , all things will get normal by next 9 months , The Demonetisation Baby is born on November 8th, U can calculate the date , Best regards from NILESH TALAKBHAI DEDHIA and team

{17 DEC,2016}

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