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Is Indian Equity, SRA Project of Mumbai???

Certain important observations over the last fortnight....Big HNIS are getting fascinated towards the 5/10/20 RS range stocks likes, Unitech , GVK , GMR ,JP associates etc,So is this a value buying or trying to create a euphoria. The normal whistling happened in the Reliance AGM was like a single screen theatre audiences and for what a handset worth RS 5000 or so , In today's world this is exchanged as birthdays gifts amongst the teens, Maturity is still lacking Indian investors, The vision is still not seen . Indian investors in Reliance saw a total underperformance in last 8 years, only since last year it has rallied. Several other opportunities must have been missed in this period. People are chasing non quality stocks rather than quality, the idea is to outperform anyhow by them, well in the financial world it may sound nice, but this this looks like an SRA project to be developed in Mumbai with huge ambition without any base and future, quality of investors is lacking. So a vacation is required, given the mental block of 10000 what all media is counting every day. The utmost importance is quality of research is lacking in the markets, We are in a long term trend  no doubt , but stick to quality, So what if markets correct or don't  please Don't give wrong hopes to retail investors by the penny stocks , they and also the matured investors will be tempted to redeem money from their mutual funds and get into this SRA projects , Those who can understand this wisely it's nice, Those who are just after money , This is a strong message that you will kill the bull markets. Best wishes from Nilesh Talakbhai Dedhia and team

{22 JULY 2017}

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