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Global Geopolitical risks is a win win for India (September 04,2017)

Geopolitical Analysis : Every Nation is up on ego, China who is aiming to become a super power , had funded North Korea to keep under control the technology giant South Korea , this exercise has been a decade long , however till now North Korea was not successful, meantime China went into heavy debt post 2008 after their ambitious expansions and invasion legally and illegally.

South Korea has today become a cash surplus economy, Ambitious China went hard ahead and wants to beat their parallel Super power America, and then India, through the CPEC movements, However Things seen ahead is that North Korea has become a threat which was earlier considered as a joker.

Trump is just pressuring China , but no action seen so far from America, In the event China and Russia have bought huge Gold reserves and Sold dollars to weaken America , America and Russia have never been friends too, So there is a tricky situation.

A one imbalance day North Korea can strike South Korea, China (Because of no additional support), America Because of ego and there can be huge calamity seen ahead.

This is a start of an ego war and power which will last long till an impact is seen, as every other country don't want a war which can ruin their economy.  It's beneficial for India when all monkeys fight and India slowly and steadily emerge as an economic super power ahead because we don't have to lose anything. The recent Indo China conflict was also stabilized by our missile power which would have threat for China. Also America would think of an option to establish a base in India Because of good seen environment here and bad times ahead in China, So if there is a war and if there is a prolonged war, it's a win win situations for India for industries, new capacity , growth and development across the board. However this may take time till this all gets prolonged. India has various friends like Japan , Russia a commercial friend, new friend in offing America ,  Afghanistan , Iran where things can ahead become more adorable...In a nutshell even if this war happens and gets prolonged , there can be immediate threat to world markets.

 However given the long term geopolitical analysis, it's a Win win for India on all counts...These are special views from Nilesh Talakbhai Dedhia and team on the external front..we may not be a superpower now, but the immediate superpower will kills themselves due to their ego and promote us to be an emerging views can be bit in favour of India , Because we see a bright future ahead given our technological excellence, Thank you

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