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Corporate Forex Trading

The currency market is the market whose underlying principal understanding of not merely demand and supply but range of other relevant theories like balance of payments, crude, purchasing power parity, fiscal and monetary policies, and many more. Ideally studying, analyzing and catching the cardiogram of the currency chart at the right time and executing same with the confidence of trend being in our favor is the element of multiple thoughts, experience of world market's movers and shakers and in depth knowledge and conviction of understanding the chart. NTD would effectively operate as an extended arm of the corporate treasury, assisting the decision-making process on a continuous basis.

Commodity Trading

Given the inherent volatility and cyclical nature of the commodity market, the criticality of successfully managing the exposure variables can not be over stated. Very often, the difference between corporate success or otherwise lies in the management of risk factors. Our experienced executives, as an integral part of your Treasury, interacting on a real time basis, will assist you in achieving your stated financial target and hedging objectives.
One critical factor differentiating Success and Mediocrity in the market is Discipline. Panassia undertakes a structured and systematic approach in the unstructured and chaotic market and ensures that industry best policies are observed and corporate guidelines are strictly adhered to, Get our solid research on Gold Silver Copper & Crude.

Equity Investment and Trading

Wealth creation through Equity investments is both challenging and rewarding. Applying the right strategy on the stock idea coupled with seamless execution ensures portfolio value appreciation. Get benefit of our 25 year experience in Equity Markets for Best Trading Ideas

Unique features of our Model:

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